Tuesday, December 11, 2012


The result of the best blog came out!!! The band Poisoned Apple won!  Congratulations guys!! ;D  And the prize is a day in bowling club.
But we have more news. The bands on first and second place also won a day in bowling club. 
Yahoo!!! We will play bowling!! \O/

Our presentation

Sunday, November 25, 2012


The glee project is almost over. =( 

I said ALMOST!
Pretty soon will happen a competition of the best blog.  Do you think we can win? Wish us luck and scream for us! xD


Glee Project was simply amazing!!

Soon the first classes we started to wakening in our young and eclectic minds that delicious sensation to be in art world, wherethe songs invade our hearts.

Despite all the difficulties, discussions and disagreement, which is normal as we strive to make everything right, we learned much with Glee, an event that valued hidden talents behind textbooks. We lived the backstage of a show and we evolved our individual learning hability in group that we'll carry for the rest of our lifes.

And mainly, we had a loooooooooooooooot of fun!!! Good laughts without reason, jokes, mess, theaters, songs, dances... everything, without doubts, it was a real party!

What else we learned with all this is that the final result isn't important. Have fun! Enjoy the simple moments! That is the real gift!

We would like to thank everybody that helped for this presentation to succeed: parents, teachers, coordinators, employees and cleaners from Neusa Rocha and all the people from our group.

Especial attention for Andrea, who made this event no equal!
I Scream...